Tool enzyme

Tool enzyme has specificity of sequence recognition ability and high activity of biocatalytic activity. Under certain conditions, the nucleic acid molecule can be cut, ligated, amplified and modified, and the reaction condition of the enzyme is mild and has excellent biocompatibility. Based on these advantages, the tool enzyme is widely used in nucleic acid, protein and small molecules analysis and detection.

Protease (research tool)

Product features

? Be used in more than 1000 protein's purification ? High protease activity
? With poly His tag, easy to be removed ? Steady product quality
? Easy opration, time saving ? High purity, low pollution
? Lower priced, cost-effective ? Suitable for recombinant protein's purification

Protease's typical quality

? High activity
EK (Enterokinase)
specificity for the sequence Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys ↓-IIe(DDDDK ↓I )and cleavage at the site "↓".
3C protease (PreScission)
specificity for the sequence Leu-Glu-Val-Leu-Phe-Gln ↓ Gly-Pro(LEVLFQ ↓ GP)and cleavage at the site "↓".
? High purity
EK (Enterokinase) 3C protease (PreScission)
? High Steady product quality
After store at -20℃ for 14 days with more than 14 times repeated freeze an thaw.
EK (Enterokinase) 3C protease (PreScission)

Super Nuclease

Product types

Super Nuclease

Product features

? Steady product quality ? Without tag, easy to be removed
? High purity, low pollution ? Suitable for vaccine's purification
? Easy operation, time saving ? Suitable for recombinant antibody's purification
? Lower priced, cost-effective ? Be used in more than 2000 proteins' purification
? No typical protease activity ? Suitable for sample preperation of WB and the like

SuperNuclease's typical quality

? High activity
? High purity
? High steady product quality
? No typical protease activity