Fast Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Speedy Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Description

Due to their advantages of identifying multiple epitopes and performing precipitation and agglutination reactions, rabbit polyclonal antibodies (rabbit pAbs) have been an important tool for researchers. In order to meet customers' urgent needs for polyclonal antibodies, Sino Biological Inc. has launched Speedy Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production Service which can complete polyclonal antibody production and identification within 45 days, and provide high-quality antibodies more quickly and efficiently.

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Speedy Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Details

Service procedures Specification Timeline Deliverables Guarantee Pricing

Antigen preparationQuote!
Please refer to antigen production service   ? Antiserum or purified antibody
? CoA
Serum ELISA titer ≥1:64,000 Please fill in the form and send it to
[email protected]

Immunization and serum titer test
? Pre-immune bleed
? Immunization of two rabbits
? Serum titer test
? Final bleed
5-6 weeks

Purification (Optional)
? Protein A purification
? Antigen affinity purification (Determined by customer's request)
3 days

QC analysis
? Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV
? ELISA validation
3 days

Speedy Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Highlights

  • World-leading recombinant protein expression and purification techniques, professional peptide design and high-efficiency conjugation techniques
  • Short production time, completing antibody production within 45 days
  • Guaranteed Rabbit pAb with a serum ELISA titer of ≥1:64,000
  • Antibody with high sensitivity, using less antibody each time
  • Guaranteed delivery amount, meeting experiment needs
  • Quoting by steps, charging by nodes, reducing customer's risk and saving costs

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