Fast Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

Speedy Mouse Mab Production Service Description

Owing to their advantages of high specificity and stability, mouse monoclonal antibodies (mouse mAbs) have been widely used in basic research as well as in medical diagnosis. However, mouse monoclonal antibody production requires a long time (about 15-20 weeks) to obtain a qulified antibody and animal immunization is the most time-consuming, usually 8-12 weeks. In order to satisfy customers' urgent needs for mouse monoclonal antibody, Sino Biological Inc. has shortened the immunization time to 4-5 weeks and launched Speedy Mouse mAb Production Service, which can offer high quality antibodies more quickly and efficiently.

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Speedy Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Details

Service procedures Specification Timeline Deliverables Guarantee Pricing

Antigen preparationQuote!
Please refer to antigen production service   ? Positive hybridomas
? Purified antibody
? 2 tubes of frozen cells per clone
? CoA
An ELISA positive result against the immunogen Please fill in the form and send it to
[email protected]

Immunization and serum titer test
? Pre-immune bleed
? Immunization of five Balb/c mice
? Serum titer test
? Final bleed
5 weeks

Fusion and screening
? Fusion and screening
? Subcloning and cell expansion
? Cell Banking
5 weeks

Antibody production and analysis
? Hybridoma cell culture at a proper scale
? Purified by protein A affinity chromatography
? Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV
? ELISA validation
3 weeks

Speedy Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Highlights

  • Short production time for antibodies
  • Without increasing the dose of immunogens
  • High fusion efficiency with electrofusion technique
  • Able to produce antibodies for specific application such as FC, IHC and WB
  • Rapid production scale from milligram to gram level
  • Antibody with high purity, high lot-to-lot reproducibility and without animal viruses contamination

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