Custom Phospho-Specific Antibody Production Service

Phospho-Specific Antibody Introduction

Post-translational modification, especially phosphorylation of proteins critical for the biological function of proteins . It plays an important role in many key regulatory mechanisms of life phenomena such as signaling, cell cycle, proliferation, metabolism, growth & development and cancer mechanisms.

Phosphorylation process is usually the addition of a phosphate (PO4) group to a protein, commonly at a serine (S), threonine (T) or tyrosine (Y) residue via the action of a kinase. Phosphorylation-Specific Antibody can discriminate between the phosphorylated and the non-phosphorylated state of a protein. It is one of the most frequently asked for types of PTM specific antibodies.

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Phospho-Specific Antibody Production Service Items & Procedures

Design and synthesis of phosphopeptide Animal immunization Monoclonal antibody screening & library construction Antibody production and purification Quality verification & delivery

Three Technical Platforms for Phospho-Specific Antibody Production Service

  • Phospho-Specific Rabbit Pab Production Platform

    Short cycle, low price

  • Phospho-Specific Mouse Mab Production Platform

    High specificity and good lot-to-lot consistency

  • Phospho-Specific Rabbit Mab Production Platform

    High affinity and sensitivity

Delivery Standards of Phospho-Specific Rabbit Pab Production Service

Service Name Final Deliverables Guarantee Pricing
Phospho-Specific Rabbit Pab Production Service ? Antiserum or 1~3 mg phospho-specific antibody
? 2~4 mg phosphopeptide(>90% purity)
? 2~4 mg non-phosphopeptide(>90% purity)
? Experimental report
? ELISA titer≥1:64,000
? Cross-reactivity with non-phosphopeptide <10%
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[email protected]

Applications of Phospho-Specific Antibody

  • Protein phosphorylation levels are often associated with protein activity: Many signaling pathway proteins cause a series of cellular responses by altering their phosphorylation levels after some stimulation, but their protein content does not change much.
  • Phospho-specific antibody: Prepared against a specific phosphorylation site to detect the changes in the functional state of the protein (enhanced or decreased phosphorylation level) when the cell is stimulated.
  • Non-phospho-specific antibody: It mainly detects the protein expression level, tissue distribution or cell localization in tissues or cells, and can also be used as an internal reference for changes in phosphorylation level.

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