cDNA Clone in Cloning Vectors

Gene cloning is the most basic work in molecular biology, but it almost cost a lot of resources and time. Give these basic tasks to us, and you can obtain the target gene which you need fastly and conveniently to pay a very low fee. Saving your precious scientific research time, you can begin the original work as soon as possible.

Advantages of cDNA Clone in Cloning Vectors

Full length sequence confirmed:Quality assurance In stock, delivery next day
Ultra low-cost Suitable for PCR template
Multiple species: Human, mouse, rat, monkey, canine, ferret and viruses  

cDNA Clone: Multiple Species, Sequence Confirmed

Other species

  • Rabbit(1000+)
  • Virus(1000+)
  • Influenza Virus(1000+)

Molecular Biology Service

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