Fab/scFv Antibody Fragment Production Services

Antibody Fragment Production Service Description

Sino Biological has developed a technology platform in mammalian cells for the expression and production of antibody Fab fragments. The recombinant antibody Fab fragments produced by our technology is of superior quality than antibody Fab fragments generated from enzyme cleavage of full antibodies.

ScFv (single-chain Fragment variable) antibody expression and production is a routine work to support antibody discovery with antibody library. ScFv protein can be readily expressed in microbial expression system such as E. coli. It can also be expressed in mammalian cells through transient transfection. Sino Biological is capable of producing ScFv single chain antibody fragment using either production systems, depending on customer's preference.

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Antibody Fragment Production Service Details

Service procedures Specification Timeline Deliverables Pricing

Gene synthesis and codon optimization (optional)
  1-2 weeks ? Purified antibody
? SDS-PAGE data
? CoA
Please fill in the form and send it to
[email protected]

Vector construction
? Expression vector construction
? Plasmid sequencing
? Large scale plasmid production
1-2 weeks

Expression & purification
? Transfection of HEK293 / CHO cells or E.coli. fermentation
? Purify the antibody
? Polishing if needed
1-2 weeks

QC analysis
? Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV
? Purity analysis by HPLC-SEC and endotoxin level analysis (optional)
3 days
In this antibody fragment production service, please note that:

1.Client needs to provide the antibody sequence or plasmid.
2.A standard service includes: antibody concentration detected by A280 and purity evaluated by SDS-PAGE. If other detection services such as SEC-HPLC and endotoxin test are required, please indicate it in the request form.

Antibody Fragment Production Service Highlights

  • Different expression systems:E. coli., HEK293 cells, CHO cells
  • Mutiple tags:His-tag, FLAG-tag, HA-tag, Myc-tag, SUMO-tag, etc.
  • Various species:human, mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, rhesus, etc.

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