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All TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 20 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B Antibody, 2 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B ELISA, 41 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B Gene, 1 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B IP Kit, 7 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B Lysate, 7 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B Protein, 2 TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B qPCR. All TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B reagents are ready to use.

All TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B Reagents

TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B Background

Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 1B (TNFRSF1B), also known as Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 (TNFR2) or CD12b antigen, is a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily. TNFR2/CD12b/TNFRSF1B is a member of the TNF-receptor superfamily. This protein and TNF-receptor 1 form a heterocomplex that mediates the recruitment of two anti-apoptotic proteins, c-IAP1 and c-IAP2, which possess E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. Knockout studies in mice also suggest a role of this protein in protecting neurons from apoptosis by stimulating antioxidative pathways. TNFR2/CD12b/TNFRSF1B is not a major contributing factor to the genetic risk of type 2 diabetes, its associated peripheral neuropathy and hypertension and related metabolic traits in North Indians. Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 1B (TNFRSF1B) has been reported to be associated with SLE risk in Japanese populations. TNFR2/CD12b/TNFRSF1B serves as a receptor with high affinity for TNFSF2 and approximately 5-fold lower affinity for homotrimeric TNFSF1. This receptor mediates most of the metabolic effects of TNF-alpha. Isoform 2 blocks TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis, which suggests that it regulates TNF-alpha function by antagonizing its biological activity.

TNFR2 / TNFRSF1B References

  • Komata T, et al. (1999) Association of tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 (TNFR2) polymorphism with susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus. Tissue Antigens. 53(6): 527-33.
  • Tsuchiya N, et al. (2001) Analysis of the association of HLA-DRB1, TNFalpha promoter and TNFR2 (TNFRSF1B) polymorphisms with SLE using transmission disequilibrium test. Genes Immun. 2(6): 317-22.
  • Guo G, et al. (1999) Role of TNFR1 and TNFR2 receptors in tubulointerstitial fibrosis of obstructive nephropathy. Am J Physiol. 277(5): 766-72.
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