PD-1 proteins, recombinant

PD-1 Protein Background

There are 18 PD-1 protein produced in house with high quality which are covering various species. Among these PD-1 proteins, there are 5 Human PD-1 protein, 4 Mouse PD-1 protein, 2 Canine PD-1 protein, 2 Rat PD-1 protein, 2 Rhesus PD-1 protein, 3 Cynomolgus PD-1 protein. All these PD-1 protein are expressed by different host cells. 18 PD-1 proteins are expressed by HEK293 Cells . These PD-1 proteins are produced with different tags, such as His Tag, His & Fc Tag, Fc Tag, Fc & AVI Tag.

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