Offline Purchase Instruction

Please make sure your Purchase Order (PO) including:

  • Company/Institute Letter Head
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Recipient Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Product Name
  • Product Size
  • Product Catalog Number
  • Number of Vials
  • Product Price
  • Shipping Price

Send Your PO :

You can pay by PayPal or Wire/Bank Transfer:

For customers form?the?United?States, please transfer money to KeyBank.We will provide you with account information when you request to pay the invoice. Please contact our finance department with [email protected]

Bank Name: KeyBank
Account name: Sino?Biological?US Inc.

For customers from all the world except the United States, please transfer money to?Agricultural Bank of China.

Account No.: 11221201040002930
Beneficial Owner: Sino Biological Inc.
Name of Bank: Agricultural Bank of China*Beijing Branch BDA sub-branch
Bank Address: JingHai Street, BDA, Beijing, 100176, China
Swift Code: ?ABOCCNBJ010

You can view the payment details on the invoice first to confirm the bank you should transfer money to.
If you have any questions about the payment, please contact [email protected]
Our PayPal Account:[email protected]??More information about payment
Please quote the invoice number while making the payment. Otherwise we do not recognize your payment.

If you fill out the ‘PO Account Request Form’ to set up an account by our approval, we will deliver your orders without prepayment.

Contact Us

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