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ICOS ligand Background

Inducible co-stimulator ligand (ICOSL), also known as B7-H2, is a member of the B7 family of co-stimulatory molecules related to B7-1 and B7-2. It is a transmembrane glycoprotein with extracellular IgV and IgC domains, and binds to ICOS on activated T cells, thus delivers a positive costimulatory signal for optimal T cell function. The structural features of ICOSL are crucial for its costimulatory function. Present study shows that ICOSL displays a marked oligomerization potential, resembling more like B7-1 than B7-2. B7-H2-dependent signaling may play an active role in a proliferative response rather than in cytokine and chemokine production. The CD28/B7 and ICOS/B7-H2 pathways are both critical for costimulating T cell immune responses. Deficiency in either pathway results in defective T cell activation, cytokine production and germinal center formation.

ICOS ligand References

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  • Kajiwara K, et al. (2009) Expression and function of the inducible costimulator ligand B7-H2 in human airway smooth muscle cells. Allergol Int. 58(4): 573-83.
  • Wong SC, et al. (2009) Functional hierarchy and relative contribution of the CD28/B7 and ICOS/B7-H2 costimulatory pathways to T cell-mediated delayed-type hypersensitivity. Cell Immunol. 256(1-2): 64-71.
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