Fas Ligand (Protein | Antibody | cDNA Clone | ELISA Kit)

All Fas Ligand reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 5 Fas Ligand Antibody, 41 Fas Ligand Gene, 1 Fas Ligand IP Kit, 3 Fas Ligand Protein, 3 Fas Ligand qPCR. All Fas Ligand reagents are ready to use.

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Fas Ligand Background

Fas Ligand, also known as FASLG and CD95L, is the ligand for FAS. It is a transmembrane protein which binds to TNFRSF6/FAS. Interaction of FAS with fas Ligand is critical in triggering apoptosis of some types of cells such as lymphocytes. Fas Ligand may be involved in cytotoxic T-cell mediated apoptosis and in T-cell development. TNFRSF6/FAS-mediated apoptosis may have a role in the induction of peripheral tolerance, in the antigen-stimulated suicide of mature T-cells, or both.

Fas Ligand References

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  • Hane M. et al., 1995, FEBS Lett. 373 (3): 265-8.
  • Schneider P. et al., 1997, J Biol Chem. 272 (30): 18827-33.
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