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All DDR1 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 10 DDR1 Antibody, 2 DDR1 ELISA, 27 DDR1 Gene, 2 DDR1 IP Kit, 7 DDR1 Lysate, 7 DDR1 Protein, 2 DDR1 qPCR. All DDR1 reagents are ready to use.

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DDR1 Background

Discoidin domain receptor family, member 1 (DDR1), also known as or CD167a (cluster of differentiation 167a), and Mammary carcinoma kinase 1 (MCK1), belongs to a subfamily of tyrosine kinase receptors with an extracellular domain homologous to Dictyostellium discoideum protein discoidin 1. Receptor tyrosine kinases play a key role in the communication of cells with their microenvironment. These kinases are involved in the regulation of cell growth, differentiation and metabolism. Expression of DDR1/MCK1/CD167 is restricted to epithelial cells, particularly in the kidney, lung, gastrointestinal tract, and brain. In addition, it has been shown to be significantly overexpressed in several human tumors. DDR1/MCK1/CD167 plays an important role in regulating attachment to collagen, chemotaxis, proliferation, and MMP production in smooth muscle cells. DDR1 functions in a feedforward loop to increase p53 levels and at least some of its effectors. Inhibition of DDR1 function resulted in strikingly increased apoptosis of wild-type p53-containing cells in response to genotoxic stress through a caspase-dependent pathway.

DDR1 References

  • Hou G, et al. (2001) The discoidin domain receptor tyrosine kinase DDR1 in arterial wound repair. J Clin Invest. 107(6): 727-35.
  • Ongusaha PP, et al. (2003) p53 induction and activation of DDR1 kinase counteract p53-mediated apoptosis and influence p53 regulation through a positive feedback loop. EMBO J. 22(6): 1289-301.
  • Jönsson M, et al. (2001) Repression of Wnt-5a impairs DDR1 phosphorylation and modifies adhesion and migration of mammary cells. J Cell Sci. 114(11): 2043-53.
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