CD155 / PVR (Protein | Antibody | cDNA Clone | ELISA Kit)

All CD155 / PVR reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 24 CD155 / PVR Antibody, 67 CD155 / PVR Gene, 2 CD155 / PVR IP Kit, 7 CD155 / PVR Lysate, 9 CD155 / PVR Protein, 3 CD155 / PVR qPCR. All CD155 / PVR reagents are ready to use.

CD155 / PVR Background

CD155, commonly known as PVR (poliovirus receptor) and Necl-5 (nectin-like molecule-5), is a type I transmembrane single-span glycoprotein, and belongs to the nectins and nectin-like (Necl) subfamily. CD155 was originally identified based on its ability to mediate the cell attachment and entry of poliovirus (PV), an etiologic agent of the central nervous system disease poliomyelitis. The normal cellular function is in the establishment of intercellular adherens junctions between epithelial cells. CD155 may assist in an efficient humoral immune response generated within the intestinal immune system. It has been demonstrated that CD155 can be recognized and bond by DNAM-1 and CD96 which promote the adhension, migration and NK-cell killing, and thus efficiently prime cell-mediated tumor-specific immunity.

CD155 / PVR References

  • Freistadt MS, et al. (2000) Hematopoietic cells from CD155-transgenic mice express CD155 and support poliovirus replication ex vivo. Microb Pathog. 29(4): 203-12.
  • Sato T, et al. (2004) Involvement of heterophilic trans-interaction of Necl-5/Tage4/PVR/CD155 with nectin-3 in formation of nectin- and cadherin-based adherens junctions. Genes Cells. 9(9): 791-9.
  • Kakunaga S, et al. (2004) Enhancement of serum- and platelet-derived growth factor-induced cell proliferation by Necl-5/Tage4/poliovirus receptor/CD155 through the Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK signaling. J Biol Chem. 279(35): 36419-25.
  • Sato T, et al. (2005) Common signaling pathway is used by the trans-interaction of Necl-5/Tage4/PVR/CD155 and nectin, and of nectin and nectin during the formation of cell-cell adhesion. Cancer Sci. 96(9): 578-89.
  • Minami Y, et al. (2007) Involvement of up-regulated Necl-5/Tage4/PVR/CD155 in the loss of contact inhibition in transformed NIH3T3 cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 352(4): 856-60.
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